The following different courses to meet the learning requirements of students at different stages of their preparation.


There is a deficiency of mindfulness about UPSC as a solid vocation choice, among the country populace as well as among the knowledgeable, urban white collar class. When we express the word ‘vocation’, individuals, particularly restless guardians and their wards consider Engineering (with inclination joined to programming building) , Medical, Management, Architecture et cetera. We by and large read in the meetings of fruitful, worthy understudies from tenth or twelfth Boards that they might want to wind up specialists, specialists or nowadays – MBAs. In any case, not very many of


Even though there is some awareness about uppsc examination among the rural as well as urban population in UP, not many think of it as a strong career option. Especially in an industrially developed state like UP, there is availability of other attractive career opportunities such as Engineering (preferably software engineering), Medical, Management, Architecture so on and so forth. Hence the parents as well as students seldom think of uppsc as their very first career option. In addition to this, various misunderstanding about the nature of these exams, suspicions about one’s own abilities.