2nd list of IAS interview question

2nd list of IAS interview question

Based over current scenario

1)… Describes the important cases about reservation in government jobs.

2)… tell me something about Indra Sahani case regarding reservation in India.

3)…What are the bases of backward class reservation in India according to constitution explain it.

4)… explain article 15 and 16 of Indian constitution.

5)… can you government of India provides reservation by economic basis, isn’t it a political profit in coming election. What is your opinion ?

6)…By what method government of India or any state government can provide reservation up to more than 50% limit.

7)… what is operation Lotus do you know this?

8)… tell us something about the drama going on in Karnataka . is this drama is in favour of a strong democracy

9)… what do you know about Makar Sankranti festival and its various geographical form  in various provinces of India?

10)… tell us something about the milestone history in Indian cricket.

11)… What do you know about PrwasiDivas and what is its importance for India economically and psychologically.

12)… discuss about the autonomy of RBI and governmental intervention possibility in functioning of RBI, what was the recent debate.

13)… what is ordinance and where President can issue an ordinance, ordinance over talaq is good symptom for Indian polity, what is your opinion.

14)… what will be the impact of collision between Samajwadi party and Bhutan Samaj party over coming election 2019.

15)… what is Sabarimala dispute. Are you in favour of “decision delivered by Supreme Court?

16)… what is Bhima koraigoan , recently newspapers?

Above question must be discussed in totality with socio-economic political and cultural aspect of India. Before entering in the interview room, the student must take deep breath, nervous relaxation. One should be positive that no one can answer the entire questions asked by the board and no one is full of all the knowledge in the world. Hence one should believe positively over his acquired knowledge and common-sense application. The interview board also knows the fact that neither of the student can deliver the answer of all the questions of the board. The board is always supportive with the student and student must think that board comprising of that  people, who are going to select the proper and appropriate candidate, not to reject one is the duty of the board.Don’t be friendly but with respect fully deal with the board members. Too much familiar communication with the board is in negative attitude, one must take care The formal communication pattern with the board. With regular practice one must avoid to use negative words and extra conjunctions during the conversation.Above question are equally relevant not only for IAS interview but for PCS interview also.The candidate for IAS and PCS exams must have a clear understanding of the question asked and should frame the answers first and  then he or She has delivered the answer.

The important point should be noted here that in the interview of IAS and PCS the optional subjects are also of Most important aspect of the exam. One should prepare the basic theme of optional subjects .Theoretical part of the subject as well as the development  in the subject going on in the current manner.The success in interview is totally based over the candidate confidence, knowledge, attitude of communication etc.

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