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” Education is the most powerful instrument which you can use to change the world “

Dear aspirants

Civil Services(IAS/PCS) is typically swift, alert and is noted for courage & accountability. There is no alternative of its reputation for national service with sincerity and intelligence. A Civil servant is dedicated towards public work and valued as a watchdog as well as companion of society. Therefore, IAS/PCS is categorically different from any phenomenon, conceiving it as an absolute reality on to which human perception of differentiation are projected.

Shrestha IAS provides a worthwhile competitive knowledge which is needed in today cut-throat competitive era. I, Personally believe in handwork as an unquestionable tool to attain any goal of life. There is no short-cut for success but certainly, there is a “smart work & smart technology” associated with rich experience along with successful guidance, that can energies and stimulate your efforts many times manifolds for speedy and glorious attainment of career dreams.

Shrestha IAS has been established in 2016. Since our inception, We have a glorious history, unmatched success stories and concurrent effective classroom study with innovative technology to maintain our unbeatable standards in civil services exams.

Shrestha IAS reconizes four valid means of knowledge: Perception, inference, Comparison and Testimony.

Students groom up to take up organizational services of the country in accordance with a career along with a missionary zeal, nationalistic spirit, and assurance towards indispensable human values. Our institute endeavors to inspire, sense of confidence along with a determination to become a better administrator.
We have departed into the deep thought process, appreciation for such organization. Our team comprises of few minded friends co-joined together to bestow shape for all ideas. The incumbent bureaucracy requisites to have qualities of supremacy along with its suitable application.

  1. Civil services Examination on orientation camp.
  2. Social Orientation camp for students appearing for UPSC Civil Services candidates.
  3. Brilliant interview guidance program for students who clear UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination.
  4. Coaching cum and guidance program for UPSC Civil Services Candidates.

Together the group chose that the need isn’t just for scholarly people yet of powerful, ethically stable, flexible and grounded intelligent people. Rising and foster by our co-founder who has strived to follow and indoctrinate his dedication and ethos in each soul that approaches for environs. It was appreciated that civil servants engage in recreation an enormous role in the nation building. It was supreme importance that these civil servants are righteous and having apparition to establish the result of the policies to the common man. Our main aim is to imbibe in them according to values such as Honesty, Integrity, compassion, Social Commitment, Excellence, Determination and fondness towards duty along with loyalty and devotion to the national cause.