How to prepare history for civil services ( IAS/PCS ) exam 2020

How to prepare history for civil services ( IAS/PCS ) exam

This is a common concern among the candidates of IAS/PCS examination, that how to prepare history for General studies. And we know history  is a wide coverage according to the syllabus  of IAS/PCS exam history has been divided into three parts as ancient history, medieval history and modern history. The candidate should focus firstly over the modern India. The segregation of question in Pre. exam is in such a pattern that modern history has given first priority. Nearly half of the questions of history relates with modern India. The coverage of modern India starts with the death of Aurangzeb, and late Mughals till independence of India.

However all the chapters has not been given the same importance.The candidate of IAS/PCS examination should concentrate himself the “freedom struggle of India “ parts at first . In this the most important and vital portion is 1885 — 1947 period. First phase as 1885to1905 , second phase 1905 —1915, and third phase is 1915 to1947 also known as Gandhi era. All the events of Gandhi era should be at tips and lips. There is no excuse of this. One should remember the events with supporting facts and figures.Not only the facts and figures but a good understanding of cause and reasons of events should be of proper understanding.Many time the chronology of the events has been asked as match the following questions patterns.As far as the second phase of freedom struggle is concerned with IAS/PCS exam this period is mainly attached with maturity of Indian politics in comparison with first phase. The effects of global politics over this period is evident in Indian history. Various movements and reforms are related to this period.

Contribution of Indian national congress with other political parties in freedom struggle‘s point of view is of noteworthy. After giving the full concentration over Freedom struggle period the candidate must concern over the socio-religious reform moments in British India. In socio-religious reform movement it is important to concentrate over the name of reformers and founder of organisation and what contribution they did in the religious reform and social reform. Socio-religious reform in India is an important part of modern history and still relevant in India since The social problem during the British period it somehow or the other present in modern India in a greater or manner.The British occupancy over India starts with the advent of European in India. That is why advent of European in India is an important chapter of modern history in India. European advent is greatly related with British, Dutch,  French, Portuguese powers of the Europe.  Along with above mention factors regarding the preparation of history for general studies, one should take care about the Governor General  in India and their contribution in the various field as education ,health, policy making and in constitutional development. Constitutional development in India As it is starts from regulating act of India to Indian Independence act. Serious developments has been made by British governor and the Governor general including viceroy of India till framing of constitution is relevant. Best of luck and the rest is another blog………

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