How to write essay in review Officer / additional review Officer examination (RO & ARO)

How to write essay in review Officer / additional review Officer examination (RO & ARO).

Essays in important part of mains examination and it has been divided into three parts experts as
per syllabus and commission directions. Each part contain 50 marks and the content of each part
are as follows …….

Part (A)…. literature and culture, social sector, political sector
part (B)….. Science, environment and technology, economic sector, agriculture ,industry and trade.
Part (C )…. National and international events, natural disaster as landslide, earthquake ,flood,
draught etc and national planning and projects.

Writing and essay is a skill.

Before starting the essay , one should take care about the title given. The title of Essay and best
understanding about the title provides the candidate to choose the body in a better manner. Title of
Essay may be single word, double words or combination of full sentence. In Single title Essay , The
candidate must spread the Entire title in the whole body. In double word combination title the
candidate must take care of the equitable balance between both part of the title and must take care
balance between the given title. When title is of full sentence then the student must take care about
the essence asked in the question not the meaning of full sentence. One should divide the Essay
in three parts… First, starting part second, body part of the essay, Third ending part of the essay.
The starting part of the essay as far as possible must be related to topic given and the writing
perfect in capacity should be started with poem or with famous quotation or with famous statement
related to title. One can use Sanskrit citation or proverbs related to topic . The body of the essay is
the real demand of examination. Body must consist with facts and figures . There are so many
aspects to write the content over title. Following aspects must be taken in consideration while
writing the essay as…

Socio-economic and cultural aspect, geographical aspect, constitutional aspects, legal aspect,
philosophical aspects, role of IT, science and technology aspect, political aspect, data and figure,
National and international organisations and their report, participation of NGOs and civil society,
welfare respect, any legislation related to title, common man view, expert view, literary approach,
empowerment aspect, accountability respect developmental aspects, historical aspect etc.To
consider the essay title by above said approach will provide the students to make their sub points
related to essay and the student can frame the body of the essay in various aspects and in orderly
manner. Presentation of essay in an orderly manner is an important skill in essay writing.
Candidate must take care of language as well as grammar part in the essay writing. Use of adverb,
adjective and more ornamental words should be avoided. Words should be in simple and clear
words. The ending part of the essay that is known as conclusion is heart of Essar writing. A better
starting and good understanding about the conclusion is the best offer for the candidate and it’s
fulfil the demand of good essay writing. The conclusion must be progressive modern, not the anti
governmental conclusion and must be positive in approach. Taking care of all these suggestions
one can write good essay. Prescribed words limits must be followed in any case. thank you.

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