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Interview tips for UPSC

Congrats to all of you, who are going to appear for UPSC examination interview session.You
have to cross the last line and you are fit for that. Right now positive thinking is one of the
best method to control your emotions. It is desired to you to make a regular touch with
newspapers bulletins and whatever is going on surrounding to you.3.

Your regular interaction
with your friends and collection of all the material facts which is relevant in the field of
economics, sociopolitical field is necessary. Question about state elections which has been
held and questions related to internal security, peace process with Pakistan, Kartar Pura
corridor dialogue, RBI dispute, triple talaq , Ayodhya dispute, 84 riots Sikh rights, correct
situation of economic growth, ordinance overRam temple ,Indochina relations are the
prominent points.interview is nothing but audio visual communication hence one should take
care of personality related questions as well as good in communication.during the
communication with the board the student must have patience,alertness,awareness as well
as calmness.more body movement, finger interaction ,nodding of head should be
prohibited.dressing sense must be gentle and humble .It should not be extra ordinary. Dress
with official look is good enough.

List of interview question

As per promise I am sending a new list of interview questions for upsc.
1).. tell something about 124th amendments of Indian constitution.
2).. relevancy of reservation for socio economic upliftment.
3).. reservation should be only on economic basis to avoid the social divisions in India.
4).. Tell something about recent changes in citizenship act.
5).. importance of water to deal with neighbours of India ,can it be a weapon against other.
6)..whom do u think better prime minister Modi vs Rahul.
7).. Lok sabha election 2019 who should win the election BJP or CONGRESS.
8).. say economic and political importance of Chandra yan.
9)..Kumbh mela it’s history and current relevances.
10).. what is top internal security problems, how shall u deal with.

U should answer the question in authentic manner, with facts as well as elaborating attitude
must be adopted. U must associate your answer with the running policy of government of
each question socio,political economic concerns of question must be taken into
consideration.India’s geopolitical situation in Indian Ocean is crucial one hence it is expected to the
students to understand The subcontinental importance of India.question related to Indian foreign
policy can be bifurcated into two categories as…..traditional one and concurrent.They can also be
mixed as … discuss the relevancy of non alliance movement in 21st century.Asica-Pacific relations
are on board today,one must prepare the answer therefrom. Internal economic challenge with
global one including trade policy is also an important question

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